Dr. Ahmed is such an extraordinary dentist

By: voom | January 4, 2018


First off, I never leave reviews, but Dr. Ahmed is such an extraordinary dentist and person I have to write a review. I have had such a horrible history with dentists and doctors in general. I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Ahmed right after he finished dental school. I was so impressed with him as a dentist and person I have continued to go to him for about 14 years now. I HIGHLY recommend him, especially if you have any kind of dentist fears. He will make you comfortable and will do what is necessary to fix whatever issue you have. He also will not recommend anything beyond what you need. That is an important thing, because many health care professionals will recommend things that you don’t need. He is also extremely affordable and will work with you. As a psychologist and a patient I highly recommend you see him for any dental needs. Hope this review helps anyone looking for a top of his game dentist.