I’ve been a patient at Dental Innovations for several years now. I moved out of town two years ago, and now I drive the hour and a half each way to see Dr. Ahmed rather than find another dentist. And I tried for a little bit, but everywhere else I’ve ever been my dental anxiety was so intense that I would dread going in, and I’d be exhausted afterward. Dr. Ahmed is a competent, caring professional (and I’ve had trouble finding both of those attributes in the same medical provider) who makes you feel at ease in his care. All of the hygienists and receptionists are likewise. The environment is pleasant and comfortable. The entire place is filled with bright and cheerful art, and it really helps take my mind off of the anxiety. Many of the paintings were even done by Dr. Ahmed himself! I don’t have dental insurance, and they show understanding and respect for this by always telling me how much a procedure will cost when I schedule it, and by working to preserve my natural tooth structure first, only removing material when really necessary. Dental Innovations is a practice that understands my needs and works to make sure that they are met.