Dr. Ahmed and Kara did remarkable job today, great work! I had an old filling needing replaced way in the upper back quadrant, and a chipped tooth in the front. They were attentive, gentle and it was painless. It was a piece of cake, very relaxed in the chair, I took a little nap here and there throughout the whole process. Dr. Ahmed and Kara were very thorough. Kara she was very detailed in making sure the fillings were perfectly fitting when biting down. They could not have done a better job! Dr. Ahmed very nice and caring, he looked over everything after. Then he went the extra mile and smoothed out my other rough spots, had some jagged edges around my other teeth near the chipped tooth and while he was at it he got those too. I really appreciated that, looks/feels great, so much better! Thank you so much for taking such good care of me! Dental Innovations always does their best every time, would never go anywhere else!